Today we want to discuss with you the benefits of using our team to represent you in your next new construction venture.

When it comes to newly constructed homes, a lot of buyers don’t think about how we can benefit them. One thing to consider is that the sales representative of the property is actually there to represent the builder, not the buyer. You’ll need representation of your own.

We love helping buyers with new construction. One of the things we do for them is help with site selection. There are so many aspects to picking out a site that most people don’t think about, but that’s our forte.

Buyers also tend to think that if they bring their own agent to a new construction site, they’re going to pay more for the house. But that cost is already factored into the transaction. So, beyond site selection, we also help with negotiating on your behalf. We’ve done business with these builders in the past, and we know some of the things they’re willing to give in order to get their property sold. We’ve saved our buyers so much money by negotiating for them and bringing up amenities that they can get without asking.

“The sales representative of the new construction property is actually there to represent the builder, not the buyer.”

We know that we’ve been able to help buyers in the past, and we’d love to do it for you, too. There’s a lot of new construction going up in the northwest side of town, and we’d love to represent you if you’re looking to buy a new home.

If you are such a buyer and haven’t been out to the site yet, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be on your side in this transaction and make sure that you achieve your goals and get the best deals possible. Hope to hear from you soon!