As the rest of the country slows down during the fall and winter months, our market here is Tucson starts to get busy. We see a flurry of activity during this time as winter visitors flood the area to escape the cold. With October underway, the season for who we affectionately call “snowbirds” has just begun.

We are starting to see an increase in traffic in listings and open houses because of the recent activity. Because inventory is just under 6,000 homes and we sold about 1,200 last month, we are at around 5 months of inventory. It’s a balanced market that slightly favors sellers, as 6 months is generally considered a perfectly balanced market.

Now is a great time to list your home if you are thinking about selling. There will be a ton of buyer activity up until the holidays, where you’ll see fewer, but more serious buyers. We recommend taking advantage of this highly active market!

If you have any questions about conditions in your specific area, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to give you a hand!