Our team here uses a professional photographer for our marketing, and there are key reasons why it’s important in today’s modern market. Consumers probably look at thousands of photos when home shopping, so what will make your listing stand out? High quality photos!

Most buyers start their home search online, so that’s where you need to make that great first impression. Properties that have the best photos are the ones that they are going to see when they begin their search. Almost 92% of home showings actually begin online with a person in front of a computer screen, so photography cannot be underestimated.

You want to avoid any kind of dark, grainy, or low-resolution photos. When you put pictures like that up on a website or on the MLS, it isn’t very appealing to buyers, and you likely won’t capture many buyers.

The pictures of your home need to be in high definition and taken by a professional photographer. Wide-angle lenses help tell the story of a home by capturing the home from ceiling to floor.

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