Today I’d like to take a moment to speak about the recovering market we’re seeing in Tucson. Traditionally, a market recovers from the bottom up, so that’s what is happening right now.

We’re currently in a very strong seller’s market, which means there is very little supply for homes that are valued at less than $300,000.

This means if you’re planning to buy a home, you need to be ready to pull the trigger. Competition will be stiff, and so you need to be pre-qualified if you want to have a good chance at getting a home.

Overall, we’re seeing a very strong seller’s market if you’re looking for homes that are valued under $300,000. If you’re selling in that range, you can look to make top dollar right now.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you’re buying or selling in Tucson, now is a great time to be in the real estate market!